About Us


Pearlle is an up-and-coming women's lingerie and accessories brand that specializes in both fashionable and affordable intimate wear! By taking the time to curate fabrics and threads, Pearlle is able to produce matching sets that women can feel comfortable wearing while working from home, lounging around, and while out and about! To begin your shopping experience, register for account today to access to our styles, prices, and exclusive offers!



Thank you for being curious about our story!

Pearlle was founded in 2019 by a hard-working woman in her early 30s. While juggling three jobs and her second pregnancy, she started the brand with 12 lingerie sets and shared a warehouse space. By enlisting the amazing support of close family and friends, she aimed for the sky and never looked back. She named the company after her first child and was determined to create a brand that would be able to provide for her children in the years to come. With three generations worth of historical family experience in the fashion/textile industry, Pearlle represents strong women, women juggling multiple careers, and most importantly, women with dreams. Pearlle thrives in its’ ability to maintain a continuous flow of fashion-forward styles while insisting on quality threads and respecting the consumers' budget.